The RSVP Difference: Our Proven Formula

Our strategy at RSVP has proven itself successful over the past 30 years. As the premier luxury direct mail agency, we operate in 60+ markets to connect advertisers with customers in a cost-efficient and highly effective way.

Our high-gloss, luxury postcard packs have an 84% open rate. Our targeted mass-affluent audience represents the top 20% of homeowners who make 80% of the purchases. The best part of RSVP is that you, as the business, do very little! We take care of it all: list management, printing, mailing, and more!

Our Proven Process

Finding the right people to get your marketing message out can be tricky. At RSVP, we have a proven, proprietary process to ensure our customers are successful in getting the right message in the right hands at the right time. 

Recently, we have been named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list, coming in at No. 279 in the 2021 ranking! This is RSVP’s 10th-year consecutive year being included in the Franchise 500, the world’s best and most comprehensive franchise ranking. Our process works!

Right Audience

We seek out affluent homeowners that are ready to learn about our client’s products and services and make a purchase.

Right Messages & Channel

We use direct mail marketing solutions to deliver your message that has been proven to be successful.

Result: Proven ROI

The right audience plus the right message and channel equal proven ROI. This means our customers see business growth, every time. Most businesses see a tenfold increase in growth!

RSVP Targeting

At RSVP, we bring the right target audience to you. Because of this, our customers see excellent returns on their investments. No matter the industry or field, we make sure your advertisements reach the best audience.

Affluent Homeowners

We mail our RSVP Luxury Card Packs to the top 18-35% of single-family-occupied home values. This gives our customers the reassurance that your business is reaching its full potential by reaching out to those who need and have the ability to purchase your products and services.

Professional Occupations

Using direct-mail marketing with RSVP, we ensure sure like-minded individuals receive your advertising. Our card recipients are highly educated and employed in professional, technical, managerial, and sales/service occupations. 

High Income and Net Worth

At RSVP, we do our research so we can primarily target homes that earn 60% of their household income. This knowledge reassures our clients that the selected target market can purchase your services.

Twice as Likely to Purchase

Our stellar client base knows we only provide the best of the best when it comes to services. Because of this, our target market is more likely to buy, spending up to 3.2 times more per purchase in many categories, like home improvement, personal care, dining, entertainment, and luxury retail. 

How does RSVP target customers who are most likely to buy?

RSVP Publishers conduct top-tier research to ensure your company’s success. We begin with the top-tier homes within neighborhoods, then refine the choices through a proprietary process to reach your target audience. Additionally, we stay up to date on new construction, so your business is never missing out.

Utilize RSVP’s proven formula today!

Allow RSVP to help you increase revenue in a cost-effective and highly-efficient way. We serve the Southeastern Michigan area with our proven formula to grow your ROI! Visit our website or call us at (800) 726-9050 to learn how RSVP can elevate your marketing efforts.