Work-From-Home Franchise: How to Choose the Perfect Fit for You

Work-From-Home Franchise: How to Choose the Perfect Fit for You

After first being forced to work from home when the pandemic started, more and more Americans now are looking for at-home opportunities. A chance to be the boss, call the shots and ensure your own job security is appealing, especially after massive pandemic layoffs. Estimates from the Small Business Administration show that about half of all U.S. businesses are home-based, which equals about 15 million home-based businesses that are in operation around the country. You’d be in good company.

You’re providing yourself even more of an edge if a work-from-home franchise is something you’re considering. Franchising is a booming industry, allowing those with a dream of business ownership the chance to experience that ambition while utilizing a proven model and the guidance and support of a recognizable brand.

There are many advantages to a work-from-home franchise. With franchise training, you can hit the ground running much faster than you could with your own startup.


Types of work-from-home franchises

When trying to decide what business to get into, understand that home-based franchises are going to fall into a few categories: selling products and providing services with a powerful on-line presence. Consider these industries:


  • Cleaning services
  • Real estate agents/brokers
  • Travel agents
  • Advisors
  • Consultants
  • Landscaping
  • Senior home care
  • Tutoring service
  • Marketing/direct mail


What to look for

First and foremost, you are investing your time and money in this venture. Look for something that aligns with your wheelhouse. Ask yourself what you are comfortable doing. The most successful and sustainable businesses are those in which you make or sell a product doing something you know about, are trained to do or have a passion for. Remember, most franchise agreements are at least 10 years. You want to choose something that suits you for the long haul, works to your strengths and matches your lifestyle.

The right home-based franchise affords you many advantages. See below for more details.


Lower overhead

Typically, the overall cost to become part of a franchise is smaller with a home-based franchise. When working from home, you generally don’t need to worry about leases, rental space or construction costs for your franchise. Overhead is less. You may need to purchase some equipment or supplies depending on the business, but that is typically very affordable. There are no additional utilities to pay; in fact, there are some tax advantages available to home-based businesses. The IRS lets you deduct a part of your home’s operating costs and even a portion of your mortgage.

For the most part, you have little to no staff, which means the money you make is yours. No need to wait on a raise or promotion, since you control your own revenue stream.


No more commute time

Commute time is how long it takes for you to grab your morning cup of coffee and head over to the kitchen table or your home office. According to auto insurance experts, the average American spends 100 hours commuting to and from work. Working from home lets you avoid that. Plus, you eliminate the stress of traffic and inpatient drivers. Add to the plus column the savings of wear and tear on your car, maintenance, gas and parking fees.


Technology simplifies working

As long as you have solid cell service, a good laptop and a strong internet connection, you have all the basic tools to get your business off the ground. With Zoom and other virtual meeting spaces, any interaction you need to have is taken care of online.

Thanks to technology, you’re not really even tied down to one location. You can become a digital nomad. Basically, it means working from wherever you want, while still being able to connect to work. You can be helping clients while you’re on the beach, traveling to visit family or even taking a dream vacation to Europe. Your location doesn’t matter as long as you have the capability to connect.


Improved quality of life

A work-from-home franchise affords you a better lifestyle. You are able to set your own schedule, with great flexibility to enjoy a better work-life integration. You are in control of your schedule.

As long as you’re good with time management, this can be a very productive career. Most people who run a business from home find they are more focused and enjoy being able to avoid office politics and de-stress with a quieter and more comfortable work environment. Who doesn’t enjoy working in their slippers with their dog or cat by their side?


Work from home with an RSVP franchise

At RSVP, we look for outgoing people who enjoy connecting with new clients. RSVP is a B2B direct marketing franchise. We design, print and mail high-quality advertisements to affluent neighborhoods, placing messaging from local businesses right into their potential customers hands via their mailbox.

Successful RSVP Franchise Members have an array of professional experience including sales, marketing and business ownership. They have the desire to run their own business, control their financial future and be part of a collaborative network, empowering success.

RSVP is a home-based franchise with a low-cost franchise fee of $15,000. RSVP is a proven direct marketing solution, driving qualified leads to advertisers for more than 30 years.

If you’re interested in taking your future into your own hands from the comfort of your own home, get started with your business ownership opportunity now.