Direct Mail to Upscale Homes
Grow Your Business in the Cape Fear/Wilmington Area

Reach Cape Fear/Wilmington’s Most UPSCALE Single-Family Homes

Direct mail advertising puts qualified offers directly in the hands of those who are most likely to take advantage of them. No one reads unsolicited emails anymore; their inboxes are already full!

Let us help you reach affluent households and connect with potential clients in your area that are in the market for your services. 84% of RSVP homeowners open the RSVP luxury card pack.*

RSVP reaches the top 50,000 homes in Cape Fear and Wilmington:

  • Average Home Value:  $642,400
  • Average Household Income:  $101,000

The select homeowners in Cape Fear and Wilmington that receive RSVP mailers are:

  • Primarily between the ages of 35-64 years of age
  • Highly educated; doctors, executives, business owners and professionals
  • Affluent consumers eager to save money

Don’t waste your money on marketing to people
who can’t afford your services. Contact RSVP today.

*RSVP consumer survey, On Target Research


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