Five Things to Look for in a Solid Advertising Franchise

If you are interested in owning a franchise in the advertising industry, you have good business instincts. Today there are about 14,000 advertising agencies in the U.S. generating about $45 billion in revenue, annually. Now, take that ownership dream up a notch by looking into advertising franchises. There is a big advantage to being part of a franchise. For a fee you have the use of an established business model, training and on-going support.  That gives you an edge getting started in a competitive industry. As an advertiser, your job is to connect with your clients and help them with brand messaging to their target audience.


There are many paths to follow when considering advertising. There’s marketing, public relations, social media, digital advertising and direct mail to name a few. Once you decide which avenue you’re most interested in, look for these five qualities in a solid advertising franchise.


Five Qualities

1. Expertise: Understand the brand’s specialty. You can’t be everything to everybody. Find out how they serve their customers and if they’ve captured a niche market. How do they get the word out about their client’s brand?

For example, at RSVP Advertising, we are lead generation and direct marketing experts. We help local, regional and national brands reach the right people with the right message through the right channels. We advertise to mass affluent homeowners through high quality card packs that land right into the hands of our clients’ target audience.


2. ROI Success: As part of your research, you should find out how successful the advertising franchise’s return on investment is for the client. If it’s not effective, you as the franchisee may become very frustrated with your income level. If done correctly, your advertising franchise will generate effective leads and strong conversions. That means great profit potential for you.

With RSVP Advertising, our card packs have an 84 percent open rate and an 86 percent renewal rate, which means customers are intrigued enough to open our card packs and take a closer look, and advertisers are very pleased with the business being generated.


3. Growth: For any business you are thinking about partnering with, take a look at the growth rate to determine the financial health of the franchise. See how long they’ve been in business and if franchisees are making good money.

RSVP is in 65 plus markets, coast to coast and has been in business for more than 30 years.


4. Franchise Support: Your initial fees pay for the use of the franchise model and their proven business strategies. Franchise fees and royalties also pay for your training to ensure you are ready to open your business. Plus, your franchise should offer you continuing education and training to keep up with trends and innovations.

RSVP is part of Alliance Franchise Brands, a leader in franchise training and technology.


5. Is it a Good Fit for You?: Above all, when you like what you do, you have a much better chance at success because you are motivated to do well. Most franchises will provide you with the proper training to get your advertising franchise operational, but having some background working in sales, marketing or client relations will give you an advantage.

At RSVP you will be a lead generation and direct marketing expert. Being a people person and having strong interpersonal communication skills will take you far. Ours is a strong B2B concept connecting you to prospects and giving you the freedom to build a network of clients. Your job is to connect businesses to their audience and as a Franchise Member you will provide a valuable service to your business clients. We have a proprietary database, which factors in demographics, home values, expenditures, income, and lifestyle data to key in on prospective customers.


 RSVP Advertising

One of the many appealing factors is that RSVP is a low-overhead, affordable home based franchise opportunity. This can be a completely remote business for you with reasonable working hours allowing you to have a good work-life balance.

If you like helping businesses grow by connecting them to prospective new patrons, direct mail advertising will be a very rewarding career for you. Advertisers seeking to reach the mass affluent will find RSVP direct marketing solutions cost-efficient and highly-effective in driving leads that convert to sales growth.

Even in today’s market where digital sales are all around us, direct mail is an economical and powerful advertising tool with a median ROI of nearly 30 percent, making it competitive with email and social media marketing.

RSVP is a great lifestyle business that allows you the opportunity to be home or office-based and enjoy an appointment-based business with a flexible schedule. Ready to get started