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New Homeowner Direct Mail Program

New homeowners spend more in the first 60 days than an established homeowner will spend in three years. 85% of new movers use the first business that contacts them. The RSVP direct mail marketing program delivers a specialty quad-fold design featuring 8-14 advertisers to these uniquely qualified leads monthly.

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Solo Direct Response

Deliver your brand message to your chosen list with direct mail advertising. Reach your targeted customers and prospects, specified demographics, home values, geography and more! Oversized, standalone postcards addressed to the  homeowner with optional personalization. Offered in two sizes, our Solo Direct Response is ideal for limited-time offers and date-specific events. Turnaround is quick and the process is turnkey.

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Radius Program

Reach qualified homeowners in a radius around your job site or retail location. Deliver to the closest 200-2,000 homes with oversized, standalone postcards, offered in three sizes with custom design. Turnaround is quick and the process is turnkey.

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Home & Living Magazine

Influence the luxury market with a high-quality high-impact placement in the RSVP Home & Living Magazine. Strengthens your brand awareness among the mass affluent. High gloss magazine format, rich quality printing and custom design included.

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Track Leads & Conversions from Your Direct Advertising


Enhance your direct mail marketing campaigns with RSVP digital enhancements, integrations and data analytics.


Capture lead attribution and control conversion by adding a unique assigned phone number to your RSVP Card.


Track and attribute conversions, matching campaign audience with actual transactional data; proving ROI.

Learn More About How RSVP Reaches the Top Single-Family Homes by Value

RSVP targeted homeowners spend 3.2 times more than the average household in many categories, such as home improvement products and services, cars, cell phones, electronics, jewelry, furniture, kitchen gadgets, movies, books, and travel. 

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Reach 7+ Million High Income Homeowners

Direct Mail Advertising

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing for businesses is the ability to reach potential customers with a message in their mailbox. We specialize in helping businesses like yours reach targeted affluent homeowners with specific messaging to make our direct mail marketing campaigns the most effective.

Is there a difference between direct mail marketing and direct mail advertising?

No. Direct mail marketing and direct mail advertising business services mean the same thing and refer to the ability to advertise to people through the mail.