7 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

9/22/2022 7 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing today is saturated with several flashy digital options. Unfortunately, this has made it increasingly difficult to send unique, lead-generating content.

This is why many are returning to the classic direct mail marketing option. If you struggle with getting your desired results online or want to broaden your strategy, you should consider direct mail.

Below are some of the key benefits of direct mail marketing.

7 Benefits of Digital Mail Marketing

It is Physical and Tangible

The world has become highly digital. Bills, tickets, and news all reach us digitally. As a result, people feel nostalgic about physical mail. An Epsilon Study revealed that 59% of respondents enjoy getting direct mail about new products from brands.

Also, most people's email inboxes are condensed. For example, the average person receives more than 100 emails daily. This makes it difficult for people to open these emails.

However, direct mail feels personal. It has more chances of triggering excitement and being seen as opposed to much more crowded marketing channels.

It is Easier to Execute

You don't need technical knowledge to execute direct mail. While it has its intricacies, you need not cross the line to execute a standard campaign. Working with a trusted partner, you can focus on your goals and objectives of the campaign while the provider gets it done and, in your customers’, or prospects’ hands.

It Has Increased Targeting Abilities

Direct mail makes it easier to reach your customers with intelligent data. While geo-targeting and geo-fencing are complex aspects of digital marketing, it automatically comes with direct marketing.

You can easily customize your direct mail pieces to reach specific audiences. For example, you can segment based on geographic and demographic information, housing style, age, sex, and gender.

By understanding what prospects or customers most likely need or want from your products or services, you can target recipients with messaging and offers that are most relevant to them. Highly targeted direct mail with relevant messaging and offers can increase the likelihood of campaign success.

It is Cost-Effective

The idea of preparing mail lists, printing the mail pieces, and mailing them out to homeowners may seem costly. But despite popular belief, direct mail marketing can save you from spending a considerable part of your marketing budget unnecessarily.

Direct mail has an ROI of 29%, that's easily competitive with online media. You don’t necessarily need to spend a huge amount on running ads hoping they convert when you add direct mail into your marketing mix.

It Complements Digital Marketing

When you see direct mail as a vital component of a greater marketing strategy, that strategy will be fail-proof. While digital marketing and direct mail may seem at odds, the best plan is to integrate both to reach online and offline audiences.

This kind of multi-channel campaign will meet your audience where they are and is likely to increase response rates.

It Builds Brand Familiarity

USPS research revealed that 90% of millennials believe that direct mail marketing is more reliable than email marketing. Everything is online, including hackers and scammers. This makes more people wary of new emails and brands they haven't heard of.

However, this issue rarely arises with direct mail. Using direct mail to send pieces that are personalized to the recipients wants and needs builds trust. When done consistently, it also builds familiarity with the brand leading to more brand awareness and engagement.

It's Easier to Assimilate

Direct mail is easier to comprehend, as it takes 21% less cognitive effort to process than an email. The reason is that you can get highly creative with direct mail. For example, you can make postcards, send coupons, and use different images with bigger text, interactive elements, and exciting fonts. You can even send product samples to prospects and new leads.

Let's Put Our Experience to Work for You

You need an experienced direct mail marketing company to enjoy all these benefits of direct mail marketing. RSVP works with you from design to delivery to improve your conversion rates. Contact us today or call us at (800) 726-9050 to get started!

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