RSVP Advertising: Frequently Asked Questions

6/14/2022 RSVP Advertising: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a business owner and looking to expand upon your clientele, look no further. At RSVP Advertising, we offer direct mail marketing to consumers to help increase your revenue, expand your product lines, and stand out among your competitors. Want to learn more? Below you’ll find our most commonly asked questions, relating from how direct mail marketing works to the services we provide. Check it out.

How Can Direct Mail Marketing Improve My Business?

Direct mail marketing delivers advertising, sales, marketing, and business information directly to your customers’ and prospects’ doors. You’re able to control the target audience and messaging to ensure everything is just as you want it.

What Services Do You Provide?

We provide a variety of services beneficial to all types of businesses. From our Luxury Card Pack to our New Homeowner mailings, RSVP has the direct mail marketing services you require.

To learn more about our services, click here.

What is the Best Direct Mail Marketing For Me?

Each direct marketing campaign will differ based on your individual needs. Our wide range of services are designed with every business owner in mind. In case you’re unsure which option to choose, the lead generation experts at RSVP  will consult with you to make a decision fit for success.

Here are just a few of the industries that find success with direct mail marketing: 

Who Should I Send Direct Mail To?

This will also depend on your overall goals, but it’s important to send your direct mail to different customer profiles. Take into consideration the market you wish to target—customer retention, brand awareness, and lead generation. If your goal is to target any and all leads, you should take into consideration including your existing customers as they are the ones who are repeat visitors. On the other hand, if you’re looking for new leads, you’ll want to focus more on building a profile of your “ideal customer”—gender, marital status, income bracket, occupation, geographic location, and interests.

From here, we will help you distinguish which areas in your city to target and explain in detail why this makes sense for your business.

What is Your Mailing Schedule?

The mailing schedule will depend largely on your location and peak buying periods. We are sure to track buying periods to ensure your direct mail marketing is delivered prior so your offers are top of mind.

To learn more about our mailing schedules, click here.

Advertising with RSVP

At RSVP, your needs come first and we want you to experience growth in sales as much as possible. It’s time to take control of your business and expand your reach—RSVP can get you there.

Advertising with RSVP

Allow RSVP to help you increase revenue in a personal and direct way. We proudly serve the Southeastern Michigan area with our proven homeowner-targeted direct marketing. Visit our website or call us at (800) 726-9050 to learn how RSVP can elevate your marketing efforts.

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