Why Am I Receiving Direct Mail Marketing & What Do I Do Next?

3/20/2023 Why Am I Receiving Direct Mail Marketing & What Do I Do Next?

When you were younger, heading to the mailbox was an exciting time. Perhaps you were receiving birthday or “just because” cards from grandparents, or your favorite toy catalog was set to arrive. Now, as adults, the most we can expect to receive is bills and the occasional invitation to a wedding. But what if the mailbox could become an exciting place again? With direct mail marketing, you can learn about local businesses in your area and receive deals and coupons delivered directly to your door.

RSVP Advertising works with local businesses ranging from home services to eateries, all looking for you—their newest customer. Let’s take a closer look at why you’re receiving these direct mail marketing campaigns and how they can benefit you in the long run. 

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is any physical invitation, announcement, coupon, or advertisement that’s sent to customers via mail to gain their business. You may recognize some of these direct mail marketing campaigns as you open the mailbox—large bold letters announcing a 20% off sale or bright-colored postcards asking if you’ve had your chimney cleaned recently. Whether you’ve received a plethora of marketing mail over the years or are a new homeowner experiencing these ads for the first time, direct mail marketing is a great way to support local businesses. 

Why Are You Receiving Mailing Advertisements?

Anytime you order a product by mail, enter a contest, subscribe to a magazine, send in a warranty card, or otherwise give your name and address to a company or organization, you may be placed on a mailing list. Your information will then be stored in a database that’s free for other companies to use.

Additionally, just as when you search for a product online and notice your ads have changed to likewise goods or services, direct mail marketing uses similar data to target interested consumers. This means that your interests, past purchases, and general consumer data are used to connect you with local companies that you’re likely to value—a win-win for everyone!

Mail You Can Expect to Receive from RSVP Advertisers

As marketing grows, so do the ways in which advertisers target you specifically. At RSVP, we use a proprietary mailing list software designed to reach specific demographics based on our client’s services and target audience.

We offer a variety of marketing options to our advertisers that you may have recently received in the mail, including:

  • Luxury card packs: Homeowners receive the luxury card pack in their mailboxes because they are the most affluent in the area and have the resources to make big purchases such as new roofs, pool installations, a new car, etc. 
  • New homeowner mailings: Similar to the luxury card pack, new homeowner mailings are sent out to introduce new homeowners to the best local businesses in their area.
  • Solo mailers: These advertisements are a little more specific to customer profiles. Solo mailers are targeted to specific zip codes located near the same area as the business services.
  • Radius mailers: Typically smaller mailings, radius mailers are designed for an area where an advertiser may have completed a job recently. If a roofing company performed a roof repair for a neighbor, you might receive an advertisement for this same company.

How Can Direct Mail Marketing Benefit You?

Direct mail marketing shouldn’t be something you shy away from when you see it in your mailbox. Instead, take advantage of the benefits you can receive by making a note of new or existing businesses in your area. At RSVP, we serve a variety of clients—from home services and dining to recreational activities and health and medical services—each looking for new customers.

A majority of direct mail marketing offers local deals on goods or services—who doesn’t love a good sale or discount? Additionally, these coupons may be for stores you already frequent, providing you with more of an incentive to shop until you drop while saving money.

No matter how long you’ve lived in a certain area, there may be local vendors or service providers you’ve never heard of. You can easily use these marketing coupons and incentives to learn more about your local area and find businesses that align with your needs. You may even find your new favorite coffee spot or plumbing service right around the corner from your home!

Take Advantage of Local Incentives in Your Area

Direct mail marketing arrives when you need it most. Whether you’ve recently moved to a new city or have been looking for a local repair service, opening the mailbox to find exactly what you’ve been searching for can be a coincidental feeling. Discover new businesses in your town, support local companies, and receive discounts and coupons you can put to use the next time you’re shopping.

With RSVP’s diverse clientele and expert marketing strategies, we can detect the services you may be interested in before you even have a chance to research for yourself. The next time you receive a marketing advertisement in the mail, take the time to look into the company and determine if they’re the right fit for your needs.

RSVP Advertising Wants You!

RSVP is the lead-generating direct mail marketing expert in over 65 different markets from coast to coast. We help local, regional, and national brands reach the right people with the right message. If you’re interested in advertising with us, call us at (800) 726-9050 to discuss the right marketing campaign for your business.

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