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Just like your company is an expert in bathroom and kitchen remodeling services, RSVP Advertising is the expert in reliable direct mail marketing.

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Our team provides turnkey solutions tailored to your business needs with a customized direct mail advertising campaign. Our solutions deliver your unique, branded message to potential customers looking for a new bathroom or kitchen remodel. We specialize in helping small businesses and independent contractors reach their target market, regardless of their budget.

Explore kitchen and bathroom remodeling marketing ideas and learn more about the benefits of direct mail marketing campaigns below. If you’re ready to start today, contact us directly to craft one-of-a-kind direct mail materials that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Benefits Of Direct Mail & Other Targeted Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Campaigns

Direct mail continues to be an effective marketing strategy for small businesses of all industries, including home improvement contractors. Over our many years of experience, RSVP Advertising has developed a proven approach that makes excellent use of direct mail marketing.

Benefits of Employing a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Companies Include:

  • Targeted — With direct mail marketing, you can target specific geographic areas and markets to help you grow your business quickly and efficiently. Our team can demonstrate how targeted marketing can work for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling business.
  • Cost-effective — A significant benefit to direct mail marketing for small businesses and independent contractors is that it’s cost-effective, allowing you to get noticed more by your marketing efforts for less of a cost compared to other avenues.
  • Tangible — Many websites get glanced over, making digital marketing less effective than believed. However, a physical written flier in the mail is still likely to generate better results. Why is that? According to the Data & Marketing Association, 56% of consumers today trust print marketing more than other mediums!

Let's Grow Your Company with a Marketing Strategy Tailored Towards Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Businesses

RSVP Advertising has developed proven direct mail marketing strategies for home improvement contractors, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a cookie-cutter marketing service. We recognize that each company has its own goals, culture, and brand that require a personalized marketing strategy.

Our team combines our trusted process with what makes your company different from your competitors to deliver an effective direct mail marketing campaign.

Examples of Proven Direct Mail Advertising Tactics

  • Seasonal offerings — Remodels are traditionally done in the summer, making that time of the year optimal for a direct mail campaign. However, we understand that not every market will follow this rule, especially since kitchen and bathroom remodels are indoors, making the weather irrelevant. Targeting the months of the year that are better for business is a proven strategy that we can employ.
  • Free estimates — Home remodeling is one of the best industries to offer free estimates as a promotional tool to drive new business. Putting free estimates on your direct mail campaign with a call-to-action is a proven way to bring in more customers who might have previously been on the fence about a remodel.
  • Personalized messaging — With direct mail marketing, you can personalize your message to tailor the specific markets you are going after. You can offer sales, coupons, and more that fit your target audience.

Reach Out Now & Cook Up a Strong Kitchen & Bathroom Contractor Marketing Plan

The trends in kitchen and bathroom remodeling are constantly changing; the same is true for marketing. Since the dawn of the internet, online marketing has risen significantly. However, direct mail marketing remains more effective and more reliable. In fact, it can even be a perfect supplement to your digital marketing effects.

RSVP is laser-focused on delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. When you partner with us, you'll gain vital insight like text and call tracking, hand-picked contact lists, graphic design support, and more. See our success stories for more info!

Contact us today to explore more of the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling company advertising options.

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