How To Inspire Action With Direct Mail Advertising: Design Vs. Offer

9/8/2022 How To Inspire Action With Direct Mail Advertising: Design Vs. Offer

Gaining your audience’s attention, gathering their trust, and inspiring them to take action are three of the key objectives that every organization should aim for when it comes to advertising.

But in the scope of direct mail advertising, which marketing performance factor, design vs. offer, is the most important to the eyes of your audience in converting their attention into sales?

Should you be focusing more efforts on your designs? Quickly captivating your audience’s attention with professional images and bold color palettes.

Or should your advertisements focus more on presenting long-term value? With well-written statements and exclusive offers only presented to your direct mail recipients.

At RSVP Advertising, we’ve discovered the action-inspiring answer to this frequently asked question; Is direct mail advertising more about design or offer?

In recent years, global marketing data has proven that we can no longer ignore the importance of graphic design in direct mail advertising. We know now that our brains process 90% of information through visual senses and do so about 300x faster than reading text.

Not only is graphic design the fastest way to gain your audience's attention, but graphic design can quickly represent your brand’s image and company culture, hopefully differentiating your business from your competitors.

It’s just as important that your brand is sending a visual message, as it is to send a text-based message. Doing so makes your advertisements quickly recognizable and effective in ongoing advertisements.

However, while having great designs will make your brand stand out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people will immediately want to do business with you. What’s missing from design is often still an eager desire to buy, and that’s where your offer becomes important.

Having a powerful offer statement that inspires your audience to take action comes from a well-planned and contextually relevant sales promotion, causing your viewers to consider the value in your advertisement.

Promoting offers is a great way to retain existing customers and gives new customers a great opportunity to try your new products or services for the first time, especially when they either couldn’t find your product elsewhere or are seeking an alternative from competitors.

One of the greatest benefits of advertisement offers is that they create a sense of urgency or exclusivity in how they’re delivered, by giving a limited-time offer, limited spaces available or even on a first come first serve basis. In this way your call-to-action becomes irresistible.

So what is the answer to design vs. offer? It’s both! Each factor, design and offer, is equally important in inspiring your audience to take action in your advertisements.

A professional design in direct mail advertisement hooks your audience in, gains their trust and keeps your brand top of mind compared to your competitors. And a well-planned sales offer in the same advertisement with a solid call-to-action then adds the necessary desire to actually make a purchase.

Since you need to be visible for customers to remember your brand, direct mail advertising is a great way to stay right in front of your audience by delivering appealing advertisements right to their mailbox.

The formula of success that RSVP Advertising implements to ensure the highest conversion rate is a combination of a professionally made design that helps you communicate your brand much faster and stay top-of-mind with customers, as well as a calculated sales offer that helps your brand stay ahead of competitors.

Get started delivering your most impactful marketing ads with RSVP Advertising today!

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