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Landscaper Marketing | Direct Mail Marketing Solutions by RSVP

The best way to raise awareness about your lawn care services is to get your business information in the hands of homeowners in your service area. Direct mail accomplishes that goal.

At RSVP, we know how to market landscaping services to homeowners and developers who need them most. Explore landscaper marketing ideas and learn more about the benefits of direct mail marketing campaigns below, or contact us now to start crafting one-of-a-kind direct mail materials that leave a lasting impression.

Benefits Of Direct Mail & Targeted Marketing for Landscaping Companies

"Direct marketing" involves selling products or services directly to the public. Direct mail is a great targeted marketing solution for landscapers who want to advertise to valuable customers in their neighborhood. But how can it help you see more green—and more qualified leads?

Benefits of implementing a direct mail marketing strategy for a landscaping business include:

  • Targeted — Direct mail can target specific geographic areas and demographics. This makes it a cost-effective way to reach the potential clients who are more likely to hire you.
  • Affordable — More leads, less cost! RSVP helps get the most bang out of your marketing budget, no matter what you're working with. We have experience working with individual contractors, home exterior services, and landscaping companies of all sizes.
  • Personalized — Direct mail marketing from RSVP allows you to personalize messages to your landscaping customers. It’s a quick and easy way to inform a local target audience about specialized seasonal services, educate them on the importance of lawn care, or advertise upcoming deals and discounts — without worrying about updating your landscaping website each and every time.
  • Tangible — You know the truth about the oversaturated digital age: people skim through websites, overlook emails, and swipe past ads on social media. Unlike these digital marketing channels, direct mail is tangible. It can be physically held and seen. In fact, according to the Data & Marketing Association, 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than other marketing mediums!
  • Long-lasting — RSVP creates beautifully-designed lawn care flyers that help your landscaping company make a memorable impression. Our durable direct mail materials feature four-color printing with a gloss finish on premium quality paper stock.

RSVP helps landscapers boost sales and create a steady stream of ideal customers with effective direct mail marketing. For more information about our advertising options, contact us today!

Types Of Direct Mail Marketing for Landscapers

Get your business into the mailboxes that really matter. With RSVP, you can choose from a variety of direct mail marketing materials:

  • Business cards, flyers, and door hangers — Put your contact info at your customers' fingertips — literally! Our luxury card packs feature digital integration and custom QR codes for ultimate convenience.
  • Brochures — Need more room for details about your services, photos of your work, or glowing reviews from your happy customers? A brochure is a great solution.
  • Postcards — Affordable and eye-catching, our vibrant postcards help your message stand out from the rest of the incoming mail.

Lawn Care Marketing Ideas & Marketing Tips

If you want to dig up the best landscaper advertising opportunities, choose RSVP for direct mail landscaper marketing! We’re experts at targeted homeowner marketing and lead generation for landscape companies. With extensive experience creating targeted marketing for landscapers, RSVP helps your business take root. However, what we will include in your direct mail campaign depends on the specific landscaping services you want to highlight.

Below are just a few marketing and advertising ideas for landscapers:

  • Seasonal offerings — Spring is the busy season for landscapers, so advertise accordingly with seasonal marketing and holiday landscaping promotions.
  • Free estimates — Offering free estimates is a great way to convince potential customers to contact you.
  • Boost home value — A beautiful lawn makes a great first impression, especially for homeowners who are looking to sell. Use your marketing materials to emphasize how beautiful landscaping can raise home value.
  • Text and call tracking — RSVP Advertising lets you assign a unique phone number to your direct mail marketing materials. This helps you track where your leads are coming from so you can see results in real-time!
  • QR codes — Convenient custom QR codes on our mailers can be used to encourage recipients to visit your website and social media platforms for more exclusive deals.

RSVP's New Homeowner Direct Mail Program

Did you know new homeowners spend more in their first 60 days than an established homeowner will spend over the course of three years? Additionally, 85% of new homeowners will use the first business that contacts them at their new address.

Acting on these important findings, our new homeowner direct mail marketing program delivers a specialty quad-fold design featuring 8 to 14 local businesses to these uniquely-qualified leads on a monthly basis. These RSVP-targeted homeowners spend over three times more than the average household in many categories, including home improvement like landscaping.

RSVP Advertising is dedicated to bringing in new customers for landscaping companies. Ask for more information about the new homeowner direct mail program today!

To Explore Marketing Opportunities for Landscaping Companies, Contact RSVP Today

Landscaping marketing strategies are always evolving. Don't get left behind this season.

When you partner with RSVP, you'll gain vital insight like text and call tracking, hand-picked contact lists, graphic design support, and much more. Even if you’ve already created an impressive new company website and invested in search engine optimization, your marketing plans are far from over. Direct mail marketing is a valuable tool for anyone looking to grow their landscaping business. By targeting specific geographic areas and demographics and promoting seasonal services, you'll generate leads and see your customer base bloom at an impressive rate.

If you're wondering how to promote your landscaping business, let RSVP share proven direct mail strategies and landscape marketing secrets that deliver the right message to the right audience. View our landscaping case studies to learn more.

To explore more landscaper advertising options, contact RSVP Advertising today or fill out the form in the sidebar.

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