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Kevin and Rhea Riffle
(941) 360-2145

Kevin and Rhea Riffle are the proud owners of RSVP Pinellas are blessed to be living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.   We have three young boys that keep us very busy.   Baseball, Football, Basketball, Swimming and Taekwondo are some of the many activities that have Mom & Dad running all over the Gulf Coast of Florida

Rhea has spent majority of her career doing accounting work and is enjoying a new path of her career.  While Kevin has spent 25 years in the Consumer Product Goods sales field.

In both our business and our family lives, we are dedicated to making an impact with everyone we meet.  Our business focus is driving affluent consumers to the products and services that our customers provide.  We look forward to helping keep your company thriving!

Solutions We Offer:

  • Luxury Card Pack
  • New Homeowner Program
  • Radius Program
  • Solo Direct Response