Top 6 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Next Campaign

11/15/2022 Top 6 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Next Campaign

Lightly dusted snowfalls, a plethora of desserts, and enthusiastic cheer… OH MY! The winter months have arrived and with them come an abundance of festivities, obligations, and money spent. Though most consumers are focused on what presents to sneak under the tree late at night, a large majority are more concerned about the way their home appears to loved ones and guests. This is where your business comes into play.

RSVP offers direct mail marketing designed specifically for home services to build awareness and generate high-value leads. Your business should flourish during this festive time of year and we know exactly how to get you there. From seasonal deals to customer appreciation, you won’t need to call upon holiday helpers for help when it comes to your marketing efforts—RSVP is here to save the day.

Increase Your Holiday Marketing

During the holiday season, homeowners want to ensure their home is in tip-top shape to host celebrations and spend time with family and friends—it’s the perfect season for home services to thrive. Whether you’re a cleaning service, carpet installation company, interior decorator, or handyman, your company has the opportunity to expand its clientele during the months of merriment.

At RSVP, we help small businesses and entrepreneurs locally and nationally connect to customers who are bound to enjoy the products and services they provide. Our experts understand what it takes to elevate your marketing campaign and assist you in reaching qualified leads. This winter, let your products and services speak for themselves, with a hint of good tidings and cheer. 

Thank You for Trusting in Our Company

Thank you notes are a great way to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Whether clients have used your service in the past or are new customers, thanking them for trusting in your company is a show of good faith. This act can be as simple as sending them a “thank you” phone call or email or as dynamic as customizing “thank you” cards and sending them directly to each address.

Personalize the Message

Advertisements might be the only way a potential client is able to learn about your business. Just as first impressions matter, the first impression they receive from your business should be captivating. Personalized ads show customers that you care about helping them, whereas blanketing the neighborhood with the same language and advertisement can make them feel like just another sale.

When you personalize your message, clients are more likely to research your products or services and give you a call. This can be done by simply addressing the advertisement to the homeowner or including a handwritten note that explains why you started your business and how you differ from the competition.

Holiday Savings Deals

The holidays are filled with savings, especially when it comes to holiday shopping. Consumers are dedicated to purchasing products and services at discounted rates to ensure they budget properly to supply each of their family members with something special. This is the perfect opportunity to market your business by offering some sort of savings deal.

Home services such as housekeeping, carpet installation, and professional holiday light installation are a hot commodity this time of year and you shouldn’t miss out on new business. When you promote holiday savings deals, customers are more likely to choose your business over your competitors, especially during such a busy and expensive time of year.

Implement Incentives

Implementing incentives goes hand-in-hand with holiday savings deals. Incentives are rewards given by a business to current and potential clients to generate a larger income. This can help motivate customers to give your company a chance during the holidays—repeating business, as well as referring friends and family.

A few examples of incentives you can offer include:

  • Discounts
  • Reward programs
  • Service upgrades
  • Contests
  • Buy one, get one offers

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Deciding when to begin holiday marketing campaigns can be tricky for business owners. The earlier you start, the more you risk customers getting frustrated, but if you start too late, your customers may have already brought their business to competitors. In the end, choosing the right time to start your holiday marketing campaign depends solely on your business and your products.

We suggest starting your marketing campaign at least a month in advance for optimal results. For example: if you’re running a Thanksgiving buy one, get one service offering, you’ll want to start advertising as early as mid-October. The same can be said for Christmas and Hanukkah marketing—start at the beginning of November to provide customers enough time to contact you and book an appointment for your home service.

Spruce Up Your Products

Regardless of what your services are, you can still add a little holiday flare to them. Make your services more giftable by bundling them into packages. Home services are a popular item during the holidays, and by bundling your cleaning services together for a reasonably discounted price, you’re likely to notice an increase in business.

Another option for sprucing up your products is decorating for the holidays. Even if you don’t offer tangible products, there are still creative ways to show your customers you’re not a Scrooge, including:

  • Changing the uniform to a professional, but creative holiday shirt
  • Decorating the company van with a cheerful message or image
  • Presenting invoices and bills in a festive gift box
  • Offering a sweet treat or small holiday present to customers upon completion of your job

Celebrate the Holidays with RSVP

Our goal at RSVP is simple—we want your company to thrive. The holidays can bring up stressful situations and can take a toll on business owners such as yourself. Thankfully, RSVP knows how to handle all direct mail marketing campaigns so you can sit back and enjoy this festive season doing the work you love. We offer a variety of direct mail marketing services best suited to meet your company’s needs and expectations. Don’t let the winter season halt your success—let RSVP take you to the top.

The Direct Mail Marketing Company You Can Rely On

Established in 1985, RSVP is the original luxury direct mail agency in over 65 markets from coast to coast. We have designed our services to assist each of our clients in reaching the right people with the right message through the right channels. If you’re ready to hit the ground running and sing FA-LA-LA this holiday season, contact us today to get started.

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