New Year, New Marketing: The Comeback of Direct Mail

1/20/2023 New Year, New Marketing: The Comeback of Direct Mail

We all understand the boring routine of checking the mail every day—you open up the mailbox and see a large stack of envelopes, only to realize they contain bills, bills, and more bills. We tend to find ourselves wondering what happened to the days of exciting greeting cards and advertisements for a local lawn service. We’ll, we’re happy to tell you those days are coming back. Prepare to happily run to the mailbox each morning.

The Return of Direct Mail in 2023

You heard it here first, direct mail marketing campaigns are making a comeback in 2023 with the assistance of RSVP Advertising. As target audiences tire of online advertisements, marketing trends are shifting and pushing direct mail back to the forefront. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why direct mail is becoming a more popular form of marketing in 2023.

Save it For Later

You’ve seen the bulletin boards at work and your local coffee shops—they’re filled with business cards, lost dog signs, and other posters acknowledging events, sales, and services in your area. What’s one thing all of these ads have in common? They’ve been displayed for days, weeks, and perhaps even months, with consumers continuously referring to them for reference.

Direct mail is ideal for saving and referencing back to later. Whether customers keep your marketing postcard to refer it to a friend or to be displayed on the refrigerator, direct mail can be looked at again and again by multiple people. Many recipients intentionally keep direct mail pieces to refer to later. Direct mail pieces with coupons and offers find themselves on refrigerator doors and bulletin boards, often using the service multiple times.

They’re Tangible

Millennials and Gen Z have taken a liking to setting new trends and expressing their views on various hot-button topics. One of which is targeted marketing. These two generations are shifting away from maintaining an online presence and focusing more on getting outside, saving the planet, and supporting local businesses. Additionally, Millennials and Gen Z’s enjoy direct mail for the simple fact that it’s tangible—something they can see and feel.

According to Postanalytics, 71% of consumers feel that direct mail is more personal than online digital communication. Since you’re able to personalize your direct mail marketing campaigns to your specific affluent target audience, consumers feel more inclined to visit your shop/restaurant or use your service.

Technology is Advancing

Technologies for direct mail marketing campaigns such as mailing lists, printing on demand, variable data, personalization, and QR codes are more accessible than ever before. You now have access to extended details about your target market including professions, purchase preferences, ages, and much more. With RSVP Advertising’s advanced technology and proprietary process, we can ensure you’re reaching the highest value, owner-occupied homes in your market. 

Digital Ads are Over Saturated

Many of us have experienced the eerie sensation of online shopping or looking up a local restaurant on our phone, only to find an ad for something creepily similar later on social media. These obnoxious and frequent ads and promotions about restaurant suggestions, fashion ideas, vacation deals, and more are the real indication that online marketing has evolved far quicker than anyone could have imagined.

The fact of the matter is simple: consumers see so many digital ads that they eventually become immune to them. According to a study conducted by Survey Monkey, 74% of consumers admit that the number of online ads is overwhelming, while 63% say they see a few things advertised over and over again.

With direct mail marketing, consumers are more likely to open, read, and act upon the advertisements delivered because they are targeted to what they are looking for. Rather than being bombarded with an ad every 3-minutes online, they can acknowledge the direct mail, place it somewhere in the home it can be visibly seen, and reference it when the time comes.

We’re Reading Mail Again

The USPS reports 98% of people visit their mailbox every day to get their mail and 77% of people sort through their mail immediately. Most consumers set aside time each day to spend on average, 30 minutes with catalogs and 25 minutes with direct mail. This means the services and promotional content you’re sending out to target audiences is actually being read almost every time. 

Let RSVP Advertising Do the Heavy Lifting

Direct mail marketing is back by popular demand, so get started on your next campaign today. RSVP offers high impact, personalized, and cost-effective solutions for all your direct mail marketing needs. Whether you’re a home service company looking to expand your service area or a healthcare provider looking to make a lasting impact on the community, the professionals at RSVP are here to help. Take advantage of the trends and use direct mail marketing for your next ad campaign.

Reach the Right People with the Right Message

RSVP has been trusted for over 30 years to generate calls, visits, and revenue from local, affluent homeowners through direct mail marketing. We strive to provide you with the best service that leads to business growth and retention. If you’re ready to get started with your next direct mail marketing campaign, call us at (800) 726-9050 or visit our website for more information.

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