Using Direct Mail in the Holiday Season: Actionable Tips

10/12/2022 Using Direct Mail in the Holiday Season: Actionable Tips

Holiday seasons are a perfect time for people to check their direct mail, reach out to friends, and look for discounts from their favorite brands. Intelligent businesses utilize this time to leverage direct mail to reach their customers, especially since there’s a good chance they might respond to the mail. After all, direct mail open rates can reach up to 90%.

However, to use direct mail efficiently, you must understand specific strategies that could impact your success rate.

7 Ways to Use Direct Mail in the Holiday Season and Get Results

Use an Oversized Card

People receive an overload of holiday cards with different seasonal greetings.

Set your card apart by making it more prominent than the rest. The size will catch consumers' attention early and increase their chance of opening your mail. Once they open your mail, you’ve achieved the first step in your campaign.

Make the Color and Texture Memorable

It is not enough for your holiday greeting card to be bigger than others. You must make every part of it appealing to the recipients. For example, use festive colors to make the receivers more inclined to display the card in their homes or other places.

You can also use textured prints to give a tactile connection to those who receive the cards. These additional differences will make your mail preferred amidst the numerous cards received during the holiday season.

Let Your Message be Clear

While paying attention to the card's look, the content must not be underwhelming. Ensure that you have a compelling copy that will encourage readers to take action. Your desired action may be for them to contact you or take advantage of a deal. Therefore, the call to action must be emphasized to catch the consumer’s attention immediately.

Offers that include verbiage like “free,” “exclusively for you,” “buy one, get one,” and discount” tend to encourage consumers to learn more and take action.

Use Multi-Channel Marketing

Although direct mail has a high conversion rate, you shouldn’t rely on them alone. Familiarize consumers with your holiday season offer by leveraging multiple platforms. For instance, you can send emails to customers in addition to direct mail.

You can also post ads or sponsored posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. As a result, people who see your brand often will remember the name when they want to buy what you sell.

Reward Returning Customers

Many businesses focus so much on reaching new customers that they neglect their old loyal customers. You already have a connection with returning customers and must prioritize that. After all, consumers tend to remain loyal to a brand they’ve always patronized, so long the quality and offers remain intact.

It is also cheaper to retain an old customer than to gain a new one. Ensure your returning customers remain loyal by rewarding them appropriately. You can give them special discounts that only current customers can redeem.

Plan for Post-Holiday Season

Your holiday marketing campaign does not end with the holidays. Many people buy things late and sometimes after the holidays have passed. Plan for these people by extending the timeline in which discounts and offers are valid. You can also have a special promo for customers who visit you during the holiday season.

Start Planning Early

The key to making all of these work is to plan well for it. The more time you spend planning, the better your holiday season sales go. You should start planning months before the holidays to develop an effective plan.

This gives you enough time to sort out core issues such as when direct mail should be sent, how frequently, and how many reminders you require. You can also clearly decide how to maintain consistency in your campaign.


Direct mail can be a real game-changer during the holiday season. Know how to use these methods to get your sales up amidst stiff competition from rival businesses. You should take unique steps to influence your target customers to contact you.

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