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Reach high income households in your area with the RSVP Luxury Card Pack. Let the RSVP team create a custom message that will be included in an upscale mailing package several times each year.

Direct -mail has a much longer shelf life than digital marketing options. So your offer will remain in each household for an average of 17 days providing multiple exposures to your brand and message.

In addition, we offer custom QR code creation so you can track the ROI of your marketing. The cost for each post card is just pennies because the postage rate is spread among the group of advertisers in each luxury pack. That means a lower Cost Per Lead too!

Learn more about the variety of targeted direct-mail options available from RSVP Advertising:
Luxury Card Packs          Solo Direct-Response Cards          New Homeowner Program

Let the team at RSVP create a dynamic, eye-catching design for the direct mail card with an offer and response method that generates quality leads. Our Luxury Card Pack has an unbelievable 84% open rate!

Get started with RSVP Direct Mail Advertising now - it's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Choose your target area.

2. Work with RSVP to design your advertising message.

3. Wait for the phone to ring.

Start growing your bottom line with RSVP Direct Mail Marketing! Give us a call today!

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