RSVP Advertising’s High-Conversion Services

4/15/2022 RSVP Advertising’s High-Conversion Services

Many people, including business managers and owners, have great ideas. Whether it’s a product or a service, the most important—and perhaps most challenging—aspect of turning that product or service into a business is making people aware of it. That’s where RSVP Advertising shines. We provide a tried-and-true direct mail advertising service with over three decades of high conversion rates. 

RSVP Advertising offers you more time to expand your product and service lines. Our simple, straightforward direct mail marketing plans ensure that you address your target audience head on so your solutions don’t remain hidden from thousands of potential customers. 

Advertise with Us

Experience all RSVP has to offer. Our direct mail options will grant you the opportunity to bring your business to the forefront. We are experts in advertising the following industries:

Dining and Entertainment

For restaurant owners, posing your eatery as the “go-to” option can seem challenging in such a competitive market. Learn more here.

Home Improvement 

The real estate and property market is simply booming. For home renovation professionals and contractors, this market presents an undeniable opportunity. Learn more here.

Home Services

As a plumber, electrician, or carpet installation professional, you know the ins and outs of your job like the back of your hand. We’ve worked closely with men and women in your exact profession. Learn more here.

Health and Beauty Services

Everyone is in need of a healthcare professional they can trust, but making a lasting impact can pose a challenge to smaller practices. Directly target your clients from the comfort of their home. Learn more here.

RSVP Products

RSVP Advertising’s services include a multitude of options. Whether you are looking to target new homeowners or want to stand out from the pile of mail we receive on a daily basis, RSVP is here for you. Choose from our options below:

  • Luxury card pack
  • New home direct mail program
  • Direct mailing and digital

Luxury Card Pack

These luxury card packs are printed with high gloss on premium paper, mailed out to targeted homes in original, transparent packaging. They also have remarkable shelf life. The high-quality composition leads to durability and longevity, which is proven to enhance retention rates

New Homeowner Direct Mail Program

Compared to established homeowners over a three-year period, new homeowners will spend at least as much in just the first 60 days in their new residence. 

Over 85% of new homeowners will buy from or contract with the first business that contacts them. What if you could target these new homeowners? RSVP’s direct mail marketing program sends our specialty four-fold design to these prospects on a monthly basis. 

Direct Mailing & Digital

Our high-quality Luxury Card Pack is also digitally integrated, providing you with the most modern marketing solution available to today’s businesses. As a key aspect of a complete marketing campaign, digital marketing enhances the probability of conversion. Reach out today to find out more about how we integrate digital marketing with your direct mail campaign.

The Cost

Not only do people open our luxury cards at a stunning rate of 84%, but our cards are proven to stay in the hands of your target audience as a direct result of their gloss and quality. A service like this is invaluable to any business looking to increase exposure, conversion, and market share.

And yet, RSVP Advertising provides our Luxury Card Pack for mere pennies per home—including design, printing, mailing and tracking. 

Your Target Audience: The Mass Affluent

While we certainly don’t presume to know your precise target audience, we do know who holds 70% of America’s purchasing power. The mass affluent are made up of key demographics. RSVP Advertising has built out the infrastructure to create direct mailing campaigns to the affluent portion of America’s population that:

  • Holds 60% of total earned income, and 70% of consumer wealth
  • Spends 3.2 times more than the average household; they account for one half to two-thirds of consumer spending in many categories*
  • Are primarily 30-64 years of age (Baby Boomers and Gen Xers)
  • Are highly-educated earners with household incomes of $100K+; doctors, executives, professionals, and business owners

With RSVP Advertising, you know you’re not shouting into a void. Rather, your business is reaching out to the most likely consumers with the highest conversion rates. 

Advertising with RSVP

We want you to feel important and relevant. Increase your revenue and welcome more qualified leads when working with RSVP Advertising. We proudly serve the Southeastern Michigan area with our proven homeowner-targeted direct marketing. Visit our website or call us at (800) 726-9050 to learn how RSVP can elevate your marketing efforts.

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