Who are the Affluencers? How are they important to your business success?

5/4/2020 Who are the Affluencers? How are they important to your business success?

The Mass Affluent Audience

The mass affluent audience is an important demographic in their respective markets. In the marketing and financial world, the mass affluent term is used to describe a group that makes up the top 21% of U.S. households, with average household incomes between US $120,000 and US $1,000,000. The mass affluent are sophisticated and knowledgeable consumers. They tend to save more than they spend. The affluent audience likes to invest in purchases that align with their goals and their future. They are careful spenders who live within their means and seek quality and value when making a purchase. Most of them are highly-educated, between the ages of 35 – 64 years of age. They are cultured, enjoy dining out, support local art programs, donate to charities, and travel extensively both for business and pleasure. The majority in this affluent audience own more than one home, have two or more automobiles, and like to make continuous improvements to their homes. Their lifestyle and spending habits show when they make a purchase, they tend to spend more than three times that of the average household in many categories.

Meet the Affluencers

Influencers are those that affect the purchasing decisions of others based when they share their knowledge and advice. The most powerful influencers in any market are the affluent consumers; we call them affluencers. Affluencers have the financial freedom to become early adopters of new products or services. This gives them the ability to be the first ones to tell others about them and make recommendations. This segment of the affluent mass audience is very important for any brand. In recent years, brands around the world have started to invest a substantial part of their budgets on influencer marketing, and this trend continues to grow each year.

RSVP Luxury Card Pack

The RSVP Luxury Card Pack mailings with digital integrations continue to be one of the most effective and economical direct mail marketing services available for small and medium-sized businesses and national brands across the United States. The success most companies experience when they advertise in the RSVP Luxury Card Pack can be attributed almost entirely to the highly targeted audience we are able to reach. The RSVP Luxury Card Pack is delivered to households with the highest home values and top income earning households in every market. The pack is supported with digital integrations that drive customers to advertisers online, getting great results. The packs contain unique, high-quality promotional luxury cards that have proven to have a strong shelf life. The exclusive offers from local businesses and national brands in the categories are those most relevant to affluencers. Each pack is personalized with the homeowner’s name and mailed out during key times throughout the year.

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