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Your business can reach affluent households with one of the most effective – and economical – advertising choices, RSVP Direct Mail Advertising. Personalized by the homeowner’s name and mailed four-to-six times per year, each mailing contains promotional luxury cards from local, regional and national marketers.

Our Proven Formula

Right Audience

Mass affluent homeowners ready to purchase.

Right Message & Channel

Your call-to-action delivered through proven direct mail marketing solutions.

Proven ROI

Our direct mail drives qualified leads and conversions, leading to business growth. Most advertisers see a 10x return!


Mass Affluent:

  • Hold 60 % of total earned income, and 70% of consumer wealth
  • Spend 3.2 times more than the average household; they account for one half to two-thirds of consumer spending in many categories*
  • Are primarily 30-64 years of age (Baby Boomers and Gen Xers)
  • Are highly-educated earners with household incomes of $100K+; doctors, executives, professionals, and business owners
* Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey data

The RSVP Audience Love Our Direct Mailers

Your advertisements look very professional, which make the companies look very trustworthy.


M.K., Gilbert, AZ

I like the quality of the participating companies.


C.D., Minnetonka, MN

RSVP is a cut above the other mailings I receive.


P.B., Denver, CO

Next, RSVP targets consumers who are most likely to buy.

We start with the top-tier of homes, based on home value, then refine it through a proprietary process to ensure you’re reaching the highest value, owner-occupied homes in your market. New movers and new construction are also added in so your business is introduced to the neighborhood’s newest upscale residents.


Finally, RSVP delivers the ultra high-quality direct marketing mail with digital integration.

High Impact

  • RSVP solutions has a record 84% open rate and an 86% advertisers’ renewal rate.


  • Every RSVP direct mail piece is addressed to the homeowner by name, as consumers are more likely to respond to personalized offers that appeal to their interests.

Long Shelf-Life

  • Durable, pocketable, and shareable, RSVP solutions offer remarkable staying power and are designed for future reference and immediate response.


  • RSVP’s cooperative mail achieves amazing value and savings compared to individual postcards or letters. We’ll deliver your direct mail for only pennies per home.

Timely Distribution

  • Reach your audience just prior to peak seasonal buying periods.


  • Through RSVP’s proprietary call tracking and match back analysis, you’ll be able to measure your campaign effectiveness and return on Investment (ROI).

About RSVP Direct Marketing Advertising

RSVP is a proven direct marketing solution, driving qualified leads to advertisers for nearly 40 years. In over 65 markets from coast to coast, we help local, regional and national brands reach the right people with the right message through the right channels. Let us put the power of direct mail marketing to work for you!

Local Support

When you advertise with RSVP, you’ll work with a local representative who will meet with you to review the RSVP difference, create your advertisement, and keep you updated on its performance.

The Power of Direct Mail

Direct mail consistently demonstrates superior performance compared to other channels. According to a recent survey, 61% of recipients acknowledge the influence of direct mail on their purchasing choices. Furthermore, 75% of direct mail recipients also consult online resources before finalizing their purchase decisions.

*And, RSVP respects all opt-out preferences, removing “do not mail” requests to make sure you’re reaching prospects who are more likely to respond to your offer.

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