Direct Marketing: Work With the Best at RSVP Advertising

3/17/2022 Direct Marketing: Work With the Best at RSVP Advertising

With today’s technology and future advancements seemingly eliminating the need for direct mail, RSVP believes the future is in your hands—literally, with mail.

With direct-mail marketing from RSVP Advertising, you’ll be able to reach both current and future clients with ease. Whether you’re looking to promote your new lawn care business or want to get the word out about your expanding restaurant chain, our marketing solutions will send the right message to the right people through the right channels.

Who We Are

Since 1985, RSVP has been the original luxury direct mail agency and leader in targeted direct mail marketing. Simply put, we are lead generation and direct marketing experts. With the help of our highly motivated and knowledgeable marketing team, we have successfully implemented our strategies in 65+ markets from coast to coast—local, regional, and national brands.

Our advertisers have found that we offer solutions for those seeking affluent homeowners. Regardless of your goals—big or small—we want your marketing efforts to not only be cost-effective but highly effective in driving leads that convert to sales growth.


When choosing a marketing strategy, company, and direction to take your campaign, the options can become overwhelming. At RSVP, we don’t want you to stress. Instead, we want you to embrace our techniques and let our proven formula work for you.

Not only do we emphasize how to market your business, but we also take great pride in delivering high-quality materials. Our luxury card packs are printed with a high-gloss finish and offer durability for future reference. In addition, we take timeliness and your budget into effect when working with you—at the end of the day, we want to see you succeed.

When you work with RSVP, you get the best of the best, including:

  • High impact
  • Premium quality
  • Long shelf life
  • Timely distribution
  • Cost-efficient
  • Proven concept

How We Target

Our job at RSVP is to bring in qualified leads and strong conversion rates using our top-tier marketing system. Our customers see a quick return on their investment when they invest their marketing dollars into RSVP. We bring an already extensive client base to the table, so whether you’re in the home improvement field or hospitality sector, it’s a guarantee your advertisements are reaching the right audience.

Affluent Homeowners

We mail our RSVP Luxury Card Packs to the top 18-35% of single-family-occupied home values. In doing so, you have the reassurance that your business is reaching its full potential by targeting those who need your services most.

Professional Occupations

Using direct-mail marketing with RSVP, we make sure like-minded individuals receive your advertising. Our card recipients are employed in professional, technical, managerial, and sales/service occupations.

High Income and Net Worth

It’s essential to target those who can and want to purchase a service or product like yours. RSVP takes the time to put in the research—most of our RSVP targeted homes earn 60% of their household income. This knowledge reassures our clients that the selected target market can purchase your services.

Twice as Likely to Purchase

Our target market has been with RSVP for years—they know we only provide the best of the best when it comes to services. Our client base is more inclined to buy than the average consumer, spending up to 3.2 times more per purchase in many categories.

Advertising with RSVP

We want you to feel important and relevant. Increase your revenue and welcome more qualified leads when working with RSVP Advertising. We proudly serve the Southeastern Michigan area with our proven homeowner-targeted direct marketing. Visit our website or call us at (800) 726-9050 to learn how RSVP can elevate your marketing efforts.

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