Our Proven Products: What You Need to Know

7/15/2022 Our Proven Products: What You Need to Know

Grow your business and expand your clientele with RSVP’s advertising products. These products are proven to be successful, with over 37 years of valuable experience.

Our proven advertising products can be used together or stand-alone, allowing your business to personalize your marketing message and method. Discover our top 5 advertising products to take your business to the next level. 

Luxury Card Pack

Our high-quality direct mail cards are four-color, high gloss, and printed on premium paper. No matter what service or product you’re advertising, our stunning, luxury card packs boast an 84% consumer open rate. RSVP spares no detail, allowing your business to stand out from other advertisers, including your competitors. 

Our luxury card packs benefit any kind of business wanting to advertise to their target audience because of their uniqueness combined with longevity. The luxury card packs are optimal for immediate use as well as a reference down the road, giving your business immediate sales and dedicated customers. 

New Homeowner Direct Mail Program

RSVP targets your business’s specific target audience, every time. New homeowners spend more in the first 60 days than an established homeowner will spend in 3 years, so we created the new homeowner direct mail program. 

RSVP customizes a premier quad-fold design featuring 8-14 advertisers to get your business noticed by new homeowners looking to purchase products and services. By reaching out to these affluent homeowners in the first 60 days, RSVP can get your home service or home improvement business long-term, devoted customers along with higher ROI.

Solo Direct Response

Personalization is critical when utilizing solo direct response. RSVP does just that by delivering your brand message to targeted customers and prospects by considering specific demographics, home values, geography, and more. 

RSVP takes it a step further by personalizing oversized, stand-alone cards to your chosen audience. Solo direct response is most effective for limited-time offers and date-specific events. Many of our dining and entertainment, health and medical services, and home service clients find solo direct response advertising effective for speedy sales and prompt business exposure. 

Radius Program

Many of our affluent customers enjoy the ease and convenience of employing a local company. Plus, many of our customers want to support a local company. Our radius program appeals to these customers by reaching your target audience in a radius around your job site or retail location. This program has a quick turnaround time, offering your business immediate results. 

Our radius program helps businesses generate quick sales and build a beneficial reputation in the area. These cards are optimized for professional services and home improvement businesses, customized to your business’s needs. 

Home & Living Magazine

The Home & Living magazine is delivered to affluent homeowners, often those who trust RSVP and our advertisers. This premier clientele strengthens your business’s brand awareness. 

Our excellent client base plus a superior quality advertisement ensures the involvement of affluent customers, generating prestige and sales for your business. Advertising in our magazine is perfect for electronics, cars, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, movies, books, and more. 

Reach Your Target Audience Effortlessly

RSVP makes it possible to increase your ROI with ease with our many direct mail marketing methods. Our targeted homeowners spend 3.2 times more than the average household in many categories, like home improvement products and services, cars, cell phones, electronics, dining and entertainment, and more. Download our complimentary RSVP Media Kit to take your business to the next level. 

Advertise with RSVP

Grow your business and increase your sales with our high-impact, premium quality direct mail marketing methods. In 55+ markets nationwide, our cost-efficient and timely distribution guarantees your business exposure and more customers. Call us at 800-360-7787 or contact us online to let RSVP reach the right people at the right time for your business. 

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